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Release of Liability

Release of liability

In consideration of being allowed to participate in anyway with Magic by David and it’s related events and activities YOU acknowledge and agree to the following:

Animals vary per show no particular animal is guarantee in any performance. Any animal with a mouth can bite, any animal with nails can scratch. You hereby agree and assume all such risk both known and unknown. In Rare cases some animals do their business “droppings “a minor mess may occur. You should never reach or grab any animal. If you feel uncomfortable or feel a hazard during any participation you will remove yourself from participating and bring it to the attention of the company immediately. You hereby release, indemnify and hold harmless Magic by David and David Hersh, their officers, officials and employees as well as any sponsors or advertisers. You have read this release of liability and assumption of risk agreement. You fully understand its terms and understand that you have given up substantial rights by hiring Magic by David. The client ,customer hiring David and or his company should make ALL guests aware of risks with animals in the show. Feel free to print this document and get guests to acknowledge this Release of Liability. You can even get signatures, children under 18 should have parent sign. The client must make aware the risks of live animals to guests… we want the wow factor and kids surprised but the safety is #1 and parents must be aware of animals and there unpredictability. Silly string used in shows may stain. We are not responsible for any damage , you may ask us ahead of time not to use silly string. Important up to 10 kids can get painted and a balloon in one hour. Fuel surcharge is added and extra if fuel averages $3.50 per gallon. We ask for a 45 min. grace period – due to weather ,traffic and other factors, Clients must be there for pick up and drop offs of inflatables. Booking fees are additional and extra. 50% of the outstanding balance is due by client if event date is canceled.   

Animal Magician Liability acknowledgement


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Raleigh Water Slide Rentals

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Magician in Raleigh North Carolina available for hire

Don’t miss out on the great services that the Raleigh magicians provide

Children’s entertainment is a fantastic option when it comes to family occasions such as a wedding, a christening party, a birthday party, or a family lunch. With the help of Raleigh magicians and their wide range of party packages available, for the full family entertainment to small groups of schools and lunch parties. They include balloon twisting and circus skills in their package so that they can include everyone in the fun. But why is an entertainer necessary for your party? We will tell you why.

There are so many advantages of hiring a magician in Raleigh North Carolina. When it comes to a family event or a party that includes children among the audience, the advantages will be that the presence of a Raleigh magician ensures enjoyable family time for the young and old. Free time for the hosts and parents to enjoy the party, and overall memorable experience.

Entertainment makes sure everyone enjoys themselves

Kids tend to easily get bored with family celebrations that drawl on for a long time. Almost every party and event that is family-based, children are bound to be present. But without the presence of an entertainer, they quickly get bored. This often leads to bad behavior on the child’s part as they may throw a tantrum and disrupt the evening not only for you but for everyone present at the event. It will not only spoil your mood but also theirs. Hiring a magician in Raleigh North Carolina is the easiest way to provide entertainment and make sure that the children behave at all times because they will be interested in the magic show and other engaging activities provided by them.

The Raleigh magician makes sure that the children are engaged and having fun at all times. They engage the children in fun gags and silly activities that give the adults some time to relax, sit back and have fun themselves. Their jokes and games are loved by everyone and by the end of the night, your children and the magician are guaranteed best friends.

The entertainment provided by corporate magicians North Carolina will involve a range of activities such as balloon twisting, circus skills, stunts, workshops and family game shows which will ensures that the whole family is involved during the event. And because the corporate magicians North Carolina are experts in their job, you can expect from them that they will involve and engage everyone in their show and ensure that the adults have time for their corporate dealings and relations.

Children and adults together will have a great time at your party and it will be made sure by the Raleigh magicians that your event a memorable one. In the case of a birthday party, the magician in Raleigh North Carolina will make the children the star of the show by making him participate in activities and magic tricks, and sing him the happy birthday song when the cake will be cut.

Apart from family events and local fairs, even the corporate events that the families attend require entertainment for the guests. The corporate magicians North Carolina make sure that they have tailored their routines and programs according to the professional level of the event. If it is for a trade show, the corporate magicians North Carolina attract the audience expertly and promote your product. In a corporate family luncheon, they engage the children and give the adults some time to sit back and just relax for a while.

If we were able to convince you to hire an entertainer for the next party or event that you’re going to organize, we would like to put in a word for the most talented Magic by David. David is an exceptionally talented magician with extraordinary skills in his field of entertainment. He has vowed to wow his audience regardless of their age and professionalism. In his silver vest, colorful pants and cheerful personality, David is an immediate favorite of the children present at the party. He comes to impress the audience and will go to any limits in order to do so.

One of the most popular service by Magic by David is face painting Raleigh. The face painting Raleigh has over the years made a name for itself because of the talented artists hired to do the delicate job of face painting on adorable little children. The Raleigh face painters by Magic by David advise the mothers to take out their cameras and get ready to take a shot because the Raleigh face painters will make their children look beyond adorable and that will make for some awesome memories. Magic by David is the best choice when it comes to quality family entertainment.

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Hire Corporate Magicians North Carolina at your parties!

Magic is the other name of entertainment, and it started as a form of amusement at fairs in the 19th century. It has become now one of the most exciting and fun ways of entertainment that anyone can imagine. These days, magic is seen everywhere, from TV shows and theatres to corporate parties and children’s birthdays – it’s impossible not to love it. While organizing a corporate event we’ve to worry that how to make it a little different or even memorable for your clients, or your staff who attend quite a lot of these kinds of events quite regularly. Corporate Magicians North Carolina are making business events successful and memorable and removing much stress from the host’s shoulder.

Why Hiring Corporate Magicians North Carolina at Parties is becoming trendy now?

Here I’ll tell you why hiring Corporate Magicians North Carolina is trending nowadays. It’s quite valuable for the host. Business owners usually set meetings and events monthly or annually for keeping the employees bonded.

It has always been a challenging task for a party or event organizers to find a unique way to make the event entertaining, inspiring and ultimately memorable for employees as well as guests. Nowadays, most guests at corporate events remember the form of entertainment more frequently than food. A lot of guests don’t like to dance, so they often feel uninterested by way of entertainment at corporate parties. So arranging a perfect form of entertainment for guests becomes necessary. Hiring fantastic and professional Corporate Magicians North Carolina is the ideal way to impress and entertain your employees, guests, and corporate.

So here’s what can Corporate Magicians North Carolina do for you?

Keeps your guests happy and occupied

Entertainment at corporate events is necessary. Music and food are rarely enough to make your guests entertained. Corporate Magicians North Carolina keeps guest captivated and motivated no matter what age they are; after all, everyone loves magic.

It engages the guests

Humorous Corporate Magicians North Carolina at the corporate events make them memorable and fascinating events. A good magician keeps the engaged audience with his clever magic tricks and illusions. Engagement between the magician and the audience often measures the grand success of the show.

Team Building

Magic is fantastic art. Corporate Magicians North Carolina at corporate parties help high in team building. They allow all guests and employees to get involved and have fun. They will pay more attention to the magician as compared to a motivational speaker.

Magic By David Is One Of The Best In Corporate Magicians North Carolina

Why to hire Magic By David?

  • David is a full-time magician and entertainer.
  • 5 Stars Ranked Magician.
  • He has ten years of experience in entertaining people.
  • He makes the possibility of lots of audience participation.
  • Non-stop action.
  • Both Children and adults will be amazed.

Hiring a magician at your party is unique because most people have never seen a magician in real life before. So it can be a good idea. Corporate Magicians North Carolina will add an extraordinary charm to your event.

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Kids love to party with North Carolina magicians

Once the planning for a kid’s birthday party starts, you would want to make it as memorable as possible. The key to throwing a memorable party is to come up with fun-filled games and activities that will keep the children entertained. No child likes to sit around and chat with a friend or family member at a party, they want to have fun. And you if you wouldn’t be able to provide some form of entertainment at the party, the kids will easily get bored and would want to leave even before the cake is served.

The key is to keep the boredom at bay. With children’s entertainer North Carolina entertaining the kids, the parents can sit and enjoy bonding time with family and their friends uninterrupted by the children. There is nothing worse than having bored children at a party. They will find things to entertain themselves which might not be safe for them and get themselves in the danger of getting hurt.

North Carolina magicians

They throw temper tantrums and ruin the evening for themselves and everyone involved. In order to run a smooth party that all the kids will enjoy, you must have children’s entertainer North Carolina available. They have experience dealing with toddlers and children of all ages and making them feel entertained. Choosing the North Carolina magicians and their party packages will ensure that your children have an unforgettable and fantastic day.

When there is no organization in the structure of the activities being performed throughout the party, you might feel as if some kids feel left out when they socialize in groups. The birthday party magicians in Raleigh make sure that doesn’t happen, as their party packages are one of the ways to keep every kid involved. With the birthday party magicians in Raleigh, you can be assured that even the shyest kid in the crowd will have a great time and there will be happy faces all around. They know how to spot a bored child who feels left out and brightens up their mood, making sure that everyone has a great time together.

When you hire a magician for kids North Carolina, there is no pressure left on you to be a perfect host. The magician for kids North Carolina carries a wealth of experience in their job and know how to keep adults and children engaged in the party. Party planning can be difficult and have its ups and downs, so you won’t be under the pressure of having to entertain guests when they come in. The only task on your hand will be the management of food, leave the rest to use. The entertainment and your peace of mind will be guaranteed.

Kids want the best entertainment that can be acquired in their party because it’s what makes them popular among their friends as the party will then be talked about a lot. Thee face painting services provided by magicians in Raleigh North Carolina can help create good memories for the party with their fun and colorful paces forever adorned in the pictures their mothers would capture of them. It is something that your child will surely cherish forever.

When choosing from the packages of magicians in Raleigh North Carolina, make sure that you know what activities your child loves the most. If you have a theme, the magicians will tailor their activities according to the theme of the party. There’s nothing better than having a talented and fun magician that the children will look up to for enjoyment and laughs. They can transform the atmosphere in a simple party and make it a memorable day.

One of the most talented magicians that Raleigh North Carolina has to offer is Magic by David. David has been working as an entertainer for children for about a 10 years now. This long time has made him an experienced and professional entertainer when it comes to birthday parties, costume parties, family events, or private parties. David is great at dealing with children and his friendly nature makes the children comfortable around him very quickly. David provides many mind-blowing services that you can choose from in order to have the perfect party.

The factor that makes Magic by David stand out from other magicians is that besides using little live animals during his hour-long magic show performance, he gives the service of a live petting zoo to the children and lets them take pictures with those cute furry little animals. He keeps a strict eye on every child and makes sure that no kid in his pranks actually hurt the animals, or in a case, the animal hurt a child. David has many fun services included in his birthday party packages such as face painting, balloon twisting, bouncy castles, character mascots, clowns, and much more that will make sure that the children have a fantastic day.

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Raleigh magicians bring the maximum benefits with their services

The children’s entertainer North Carolina have so much to offer.

It is part of human nature to explore the unknown and try to find out things that were never known to the mind of a human being. Human minds also have fun in dabbling in the possibility of the impossible things established by science and facts. And that is the factor that makes magic just so much more exciting.

We here can tell you guarantee that if your party has the surprising twist of a quality magician that no one had expected, it will be an automatic success. Instead of the music and dances, it will be the magic show performance that the guests will surely remember. So here are some benefits that come with the services of North Carolina magicians.

  • The entertainment provided by the magician for kids North Carolina is suitable for all ages. Ranging from the three-year-old to the eighty-year-old grandma at the party, everyone will have a great and quality time.
  • It is an appropriate type of entertainment for various sizes of the crowd, either big or small.
  • Due to limited logistics, having the birthday party magicians Raleigh will be cheaper, but quality entertainment for the guests. You will be able to have all the fun you want without going heavy on the pocket.
  • The magicians in Raleigh North Carolina offer more entertainment which will include comedy, stunts, mascots, storytelling, close-up magic tricks, and much more.
  • A good magic show always engages the crowd. It doesn’t matter is the crowd is of hundreds or few, the magicians are trained to be the center of attention. They engage the crowd during the performance by making conversation and making them participate in the tricks.
  • The corporate magicians North Carolina have greater flexibility in dealing with the crowd than others. They perform stage shows for a large crowd and close up magic for a smaller crowd.
  • The magic tricks of the corporate magicians North Carolina and the birthday party magicians Raleigh can be customized on short notice. Parents can make the magician add tricks in the routine that the children like, and the event organizer of a corporate event can make the magician promote the business and the product according to their desire during the magic show.
  • Having a magic show at your event will make it unique and memorable for the guests. It is the act of making impossible things look possible, which is always an unforgettable experience for the guests.
  • And apart from the entertainment that a magic show provides, it leaves the guests with a feeling of inspiration and importance which in the end is the most important after-effect of a magic show.

Apart from holding a magic show at your event, you can invite the Raleigh clowns in your party in order to add a fun little twist in the evening. Everyone, kids and adults alike love the spectacle of a clown. They are the perfect entertainers for a birthday party and have the ability to bring together all the family.

So if you are organizing a kids-centered party, make sure you invite a clown or two, because having a clown at your party means a lot of gags, juggling, balloon twisting, magic, jokes, falling down and slapsticks. They have the ability to add color, charm, and fun to the parties and festivals.

Magician in Raleigh North Carolina

Magic by David is hands down the best magician and party entertainment services provider in North Carolina. David has had a decade of experience in the industry of party entertainment and is still going strong. He has been rated five-stars on his official website and is known the best birthday party magician in Raleigh, North Carolina. Dressed in his colorful pants, silver vest, and matching shoes, David lights up every event that he goes to and the children love him.

The factor that makes Magic by David stand out from other magicians is that for his hour-long magic show, he brings with him various animals to perform magic with at the party. The cute little rabbits and baby chicks that he produces out of his magic hat are adored by the children.

Apart from this, David provides the services of Raleigh face painter. Face painting Raleigh is one of the most fun activities to have in a kid-centered party. Children love to have their faces adorned with beautiful patterns of a butterfly and jewels, and the boys love to get their faces painted into the masks of their favorite super-heroes.

They make for exciting and memorable pictures of the party that you can hang on the walls of your home. Apart from this, Magic by David has many other amazing services, such as clowns, balloon twisting, juggling, bounce houses, mascots, and character costumes. Everything that you can possibly need to make the event memorable and joyful.

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North Carolina magicians happy to be in service – Magicbydavid

Raleigh magicians can help you make the party a memorable feat. Their slogan being that a wand is greater than a sword.

Once all the planning is made, and most of it executed but remains the question of what to do for entertainment. We understand that arranging a birthday party or a wedding, it is easy to go overboard with the execution of the plans you have made and the budget may tend to get out of control. But do not let that fact make you overlook the need for entertainment at your party.

The whole point of organizing a party or an event is to make the day enjoyable and memorable for everyone, so why hold back when you can find good entertainment in cheap and affordable prices? The pocket is tight, but the magician in Raleigh North Carolina can help you with that. Because let us face it, you wouldn’t be able to handle the embarrassment of seeing bored faces at your party. So here we will tell you some reasons why you need to have entertainment in your party.

Do not worry, we are not going to talk about entertainers with cringe performances. Instead, we here will talk about the magic performances that will leave the audience amazed with mouths wide open. The kind of performance that corporate magicians North Carolina provide.

Organizing an event can be really stressful, you have so much to plan and arrange, that it can sometimes get out of hand. And of course, as it is your event, you’d want it to be a huge success. You would want the people who attend, leave with a lot of good memories of the fun they had with you. In this case, the magician in Raleigh North Carolina takes off a ton of weight from your shoulders. This means that you can slow down, relax, kick back and enjoy the show with the rest of the attendees.

The vibe and value that a good children’s entertainer North Carolina brings to your event will be huge. You can now get quality entertainment in rates that won’t be heavy on your pocket. The key is to choose carefully which entertainer you want. In the attempt to go cheap, you wouldn’t want to bring low-quality entertainer ruining your party.

Good entertainment will work as an ice-breaker among your guests. The performances of magicians for kids North Carolina will give the guests a topic to talk about. The magician will engage with the guests while performing his close-up magic tricks that will ensure that everyone has plenty of fun. And when people have fun, they tend to remember the time and event.

The birthday party magicians Raleigh have the ability to adjust according to the needs and requirements of those who hire them. As children are the toughest audience to entertain, these magicians have the ability to hold their attention and engage them in fun activities for a long time. If the party is a theme-party, they adjust their costumes, face painting and mascots accordingly. They also take into account the recommendations of the parents who hire them and use the information provided to them, for example, the favorite cartoons or tricks of the child and use them during their hour-long show.

Similarly, if the event is for adults, the corporate magicians North Carolina adjust according to the crowd. They know how to entertain adults. If the crowd is big, they can arrange an on-stage show, and if the crowd is small and the party is intimate, they arrange for close up magic that everyone can engage in and enjoy their time.

The best magician in the market

When it comes to entertaining in birthday parties and family events, Magic by David is the best magician in the market. In surprisingly low rates, they provide plenty of entertainment to the guests and include many amazing services. The birthday party magician Raleigh will give your children an experience of a lifetime during his hour-long magic show. He will engage the young and old and show jaw-dropping magic tricks that will fascinate everyone. Among many fun services that Magic by David provides, the best one is the service of Raleigh face painters.

Face painting, Raleigh is an activity that is loved by every child. Mothers should get ready with their cameras as the adorable pictures that will be painted on the faces of the children will be memorable and fun for all.

Apart from face painting, David also brings with him Raleigh clowns dressed in polka dots. With their loud makeup and button noses, clowns are an immediate favorite of every kid at the party. Their juggling and balloon twisting skills are famous among the children and their silly acts are funny enough to even have the shyest kid join into the fun.

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Memorable Parties with Children’s Entertainer, North Carolina

Their services are absolutely insane!

The cake has been ordered, the venue booked, guests invited and the dresses bought. Once all this is done, comes the question of how to entertain the guests throughout the event? Well, the answer is to hire children’s entertainer, North Carolina.

Raleigh face painters

Every child dreams of their birthday is the best ever. Meaning that they want the maximum of everything. Maximum foods, maximum friends, maximum attention and maximum entertainment. Normal party games like musical chairs and others can only be so much fun, and the excitement can wear out quickly. Once the excitement wears out, it can get hard to control so many children, but North Carolina magicians are always ready to help with the matter.

No parents leave out any table unturned when it comes to making the day extra special for their beloved child, but parents need some help too. North Carolina magicians are always eager to help in making the child’s day extra special with fun-packed activities, all the while giving the adults some break and an opportunity to enjoy themselves as well.

Services provided by magicians for kids, North Carolina

Magicians in Raleigh, North Carolina have many fun services that can make your child’s day special. Magic by David is the best from all the other North Carolina magicians. David has an experience of about a decade of working in the North Carolina magicians’ industry.

This magician for kids, in North Carolina, is rated a five-star review and for good reasons. Magic by David is skilled in the art of magic tricks and magic acts that have the ability to absolutely fascinate their audience. The kids love magic by David and request to see him again in the future.

What makes David unique from all of the magicians in Raleigh, North Carolina, is that he brings with him little animals that magically appear during his tricks, that the kids can pet later. He brings with him cute rabbits, ducks, birds, his famous monkey, turtles, and many other animals.

Magic by David also gives the services of a bouncing house, kid’s mascots, balloon twisting, face painting, and clowns. To have Magic by David at your child’s birthday party will have you remembered as the “rockstar” parent. They will make sure that the birthday kid is always in the spotlight, and engage with kids and adults during his hour long magic show.

Apart from birthday parties and family events, Magic by David is also great at corporate parties. His clients love to invite him to corporate family events, and he ensures a fun time for every guest. Gone are the days of boring business conversations and awkward small talks. Corporate magicians, North Carolina will make the event special for everyone, whether adults or young. Corporate magicians, North Carolina has many tricks up their sleeves that can bedazzle the minds of young and old alike. To not give them a chance would be a conscious mistake by the organizer.

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Children’s Entertainers in North Carolina ready to upgrade your party from average to the best.

Whether it is a birthday party, a summer pool party, or any other; your child would always want it to be the best in town. And what better way to do that than by getting a children’s entertainer in North Carolina.

An entertainer would allow the adults to kick back and enjoy the party themselves, all the while engaging the children in scrumptious activities. The Raleigh Clowns will keep the parents and kids laughing along, while the birthday party magicians, Raleigh, will enchant their minds with their nifty and mind boggling magic tricks. The kids are sure to love it, and will remember the event for days to come.

What kind of services does Children’s Entertainer, North Carolina provides?

The Raleigh Clowns are by far the engaging clown’s you can find. They keep the children and kids fascinated with their clown trick and balloon twisters. They can even have the adults gasping in laughter with their absurd acts. In short, it’ll be entertainment for all.

These Raleigh clowns are expert in doing their job and can handle audiences of all ages. In any party, a Raleigh clown is a must invite.

The Magicians in North Carolina are expert in tricking the eyes of even the keenest of observers. Their engaging tricks will keep the children on the edge of their seats and even make the adults stop and watch. These magicians of North Carolina not only show tricks but at the end of each show, teach one trick to their audience. Which in turn gives the audience material to impress others, and surely will result in becoming the talk even weeks after the party is over.

Not only the simple tricks are used, birthday party magicians North Caroline also bring with them animals to fascinate their audience. There are many animals that the adults can choose from. Rabbits, kittens, monkeys and puppies for the younger audience, and poison less and tamed snakes and other animals for adults. The birthday party magicians, North Caroline allow their audience to pet these animals even take pictures with them for the sake of memories.

The Children’s entertainers of North Carolina also have trained their Raleigh Clowns and magicians in Raleigh North Carolina to face paint in the parties they attend, which is always a fun activity.

Not only these, but there are also Corporate magicians in North Carolina to choose from. Gone are the days when corporate parties were only about serious talks regarding the progress and future of the company. Parties are meant to be fun and the corporate magicians, North Carolina help in making sure of that. Their serious tricks are meant to confuse and fascinate adults, which will add the much needed spark in a dull corporate party.

Best birthday party Magician-Raleigh

When it comes to making the birthday of your child memorable, Children’s entertainers North Carolina is here to help you with that. Magic by David is by far the best magician in Raleigh North Carolina. David is a professional in handling younger audience and will keep them engaged for a long time. His tricks are not easy to forget, and you’ll be wanting to see more of him again.

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